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Ecstasy For Sale Online

Ecstasy means something different depending on who you ask, but GENERALLY Ecstasy is MDMA pressed into a cute, convenient pill form with a colorful binder. Ecstasy was the popular way to consume MDMA in the 80’s and 90’s, but producers started putting bad shit in the pills (PMMA, PMZ, various other shit that gets you “high” but not the same way MDMA does and is far, far more dangerous), so ecstasy fell out of popularity in favor of “Molly”, the pure crystal version of MDMA.

Buy Ecstasy Pills Online

Ecstasy these days is hit or miss, there are some reputable producers out there making bomb pills, but still a lot of bunk/crap/dangerous stuff. If you’re going to be buying pills, then get it from us..

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